The Netherlands

Wageningen University Research - WUR

Agrosystems Research

Sustainable agricultural production and sustainable land and water use with respect for man, environment and nature, in the Netherlands and in the rest of the world. This is what† Agrosystems Research stands for. Within this business unit, Marjolein Elings and Jan Hassink work in the team Multifunctional land use, on the topic of Social Farming, Green Care and Rural Entrepreneurship. They are involved in a variety of research and consultancy projects in the Netherlands and Europe. With the results of for instance effects studies on Green Care Farms, they try to improve the knowledge behind the mechanisms of green care and hope to add to a further professionalization of the green care sector. Specific, Jan Hassink looks at what makes rural entrepreneurs successful and which organizational structures do lay behind the best practices. In studies they work together with other universities, knowledge institutions, national and regional government and of course partners from the sector.

It is important to look more into depth to rural entrepreneurship: which entrepreneurs do succeed, what are the success factors, what can other sectors learn from rural entrepreneurs and vice versa and what can entrepreneurs learn from each other? To implement the lessons learnt, it is of importance that the lessons are embedded in education of future rural entrepreneurs. In this way the sector will grow and professionalize.

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